The best places to visit in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has gained a lot of attention in recent years. A country that was quite closed off has now opened up its borders and are welcoming tourists from all over the world. Now is the best time to visit Uzbekistan, just before the big crowds will be coming. If you’re interested in traveling around in Uzbekistan, here are the best places to visit in this 

beautiful country. 


Samarkand is the second biggest city in Uzbekistan and is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. It’s one of the most important sites on the famous Silk Route too and has been a central point for trade across the region. It’s in Samarkand where you can visit the majestic Registan square. From three sides, you can find three huge madrasas, all with their own unique decor. It’s one of the most stunning places in Uzbekistan and is a must visit if you go to Samarkand. Besides Registan, there’s also Gur-Emir, which is where Amir Timur is buried. You also have the stunningly beautiful necropolis Shah-i-Zinda, which is an important place of pilgrimage. Samarkand has no shortages of historical places to visit and therefore it’s one of the best places to visit in Uzbekistan. 


After Samarkand, most people travel to Bukhara. You can take the train which takes about 3 hours. It’s the fifth largest city in Uzbekistan. Bukhara is a fantastic place to visit thanks to the charming old town. Just like in Samarkand, there’s plenty of madrasas and mausoleums to visit, all with stunning architecture. But Bukhara has a more small town atmosphere than Samarkand. That doesn’t mean there’s not as much to see though – quite the contrary actually. Bukhara has just as much to offer as Samarkand though and most travelers tend to linger here for longer just because of the cozy atmosphere. 


Khiva might be the smallest of the three, but there’s something about Khiva that makes you fall in love with it the instant you arrive to the old city. The minarets will take your breath away and it’s worth coming here just to see them. Outside of the city, there’s a few nice local restaurants, but if you want high quality ones where you can sit inside the old town and look at the architecture, you should probably opt for one there. Khiva can get busy during day time when all the tour groups arrive, but in the evening, you’ll be surprised that it’s almost empty. Go just before sunset if you want to escape the crowds (and the heat).